How To Use A Drain Snake In A Bathtub

How To Use A Drain Snake In A Bathtub. Insert the end of the snake cable into the drain pipe. Get access to the full video library at:

Drain Snakes How To Unclog A Sink, Toilet, or Tub ReviewThis from

Vastar 4 pack 19.6 inch drain snake hair drain clog remover cleaning tool. Follow these steps for easy clog removal! The coil catches the debris so that it doesn’t move.

Vigorously Move Around Hair Snake.

Vastar 4 pack 19.6 inch drain snake hair drain clog remover cleaning tool. Feed the drain snake cable slowly down the drain by hand. The first step is to remove a cover from the overflow on the top of the tub.

Insert The End Of The Snake Cable Into The Drain Pipe.

Workplace enterprise fintech china policy newsletters braintrust the forest trainer events careers eating 1 week after gastric sleeve Make sure that you push the cable as deep as you can go at first. When the stubborn drains don't unclog using clearing traps or plungers, at that point, drain snake (also known as drain auger) is the tool that you should use.

If The Cable Moves, You Can Continue To Feed The Snake Into The Pipe.

I am using a gorlitz snake. Place the metal cable of the snake into the clogged drain. Remove the overflow cover and the trip lever.

Once The Drain Auger Cable Stops, You’ve Either Hit.

Wiggle it back and forth and ease it in. Place hair snake into bathroom sink drain. The baking soda acts as a drain cleaner and creates a base for the.

Get Access To The Full Video Library At:

Inch by inch, push the cable down the pipes, making sure to apply steady pressure. Don't use excessive force to get it in, or you could damage the device and the drain. Depending on your bathtub, you will need a screwdriver.

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