How To Install A Water Softener In Your House

How To Install A Water Softener In Your House. Then, clamp the hose of your water softener and feed it into the drainage option that you selected. Once the water leaves the softener, it should branch into two lines:

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How to make softened water drinkable? Set the bypass valve to the “bypass” position. Water softeners are most often installed near the incoming main water line before your water heater.

However, Space May Be More Limited Than In Other Homes, And It Can Be Tricky To Make Room For One.

Proceed to attach the elbow fitting to the spot you’ve severed from the main water pipe. Unplug the old water softener from the electric socket and use the bypass valve to shut it off. Flag the places along the sides where you will be drilling holes to help outline the borders of the softener area.

The First Thing You Need To Do To Install This Easy Water Softener System Is To Locate The Perfect Area To Install.

Use a sanitizing solution such as bleach. Place the cutter blade around the line and tighten the noose. Install the brine tank piping, foot valve, and other components in the tank.

(See Below For A Shopping List, Tools, And Steps.

Most commonly, this is in the basement, but water softeners can. It is generally preferable to install your water softener in the vicinity of your water heater. In doing so all water functions of the house stay in one place.

Slowly, Gradually Open The Valve To Allow Water To Flow In.

Drain the water pipes using the lowest valve in your house. Once this is done, turn on the water to run through the water softener. Use a pipe cutter to slice right through the mainline.

Next, Remove All Water From The Tank By Turning The System On Its Side.

This cost is also broadly applicable to only salt. Add the amount of salt as noted in the manual. After connecting your pipes to the water softener and installing the bypass valve, you still need a drainpipe on the system.

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